Four Things Friday: One That You Won’t Know How You EVER Lived Without

Happy Fri-YAY friends! I debated writing another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post today but: 1) thought you might be getting burnt out on them and 2) really am covering all of the “best of best” on my Shop #NSale page – there are now over 20 Top 10 Lists on the page by category! Also, I had a few random things that I wanted to talk about and wasn’t sure any of them merited a full blog post. Hence Four Things Friday!

Purse Holder | Handbag Holder

1. Life Lately

Summer has been great! A bit quieter than normal with none of the hectic travel of last year but we still have busy weekends and are doing some fun things. A highlight was a night out to see the Cleveland Orchestra perform The Who’s Tommy with Roger Daltrey at Blossom Music Center, a fantastic outdoor venue. He even threw in a few Who songs. Amazing!


In early August we have tickets to the Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Cleveland Art Museum. I am SO excited for this. Many people have been Instagram posting their experiences and it looks just incredible.

On the home front, we’re getting wood floors installed in our living/dining rooms and my office. We’re having some built in’s made for the office as well. Am really excited to share that project with you when complete, hopefully some time in September.

2. Bagnet (rhymes with magnet)

I was recently out with friends and one of the girls had the Most Amazing thing-a-majiggy with her! We were at a high top table with chairs that had sloping backs. Dilemma? What to do with my bag. It would slide off the chair. No under table hooks. Could set on floor (yuck). Kinda big to set on table.

Well, I had to go ahead and set my bag on the table but my very smart friend, Cleveland stylist Penny Casselman, had the ideal answer, the Bagnet, a unique, heavy-duty purse holder! This fantastic gadget looks like a large leather key fob but will hold up to 8-10 pounds. That’s a heavy bag! Use it on a restroom door if the hook is broken, on barstools, chairs, tablelegs. Even on gym equipment or the field fence at your child’s sporting event.

Purse Holder | Handbag Holder
Best Heavy Duty Purse Holder

The original leather Bagnet (shown above) comes in 8 colors. Luxury, sport, kids and mini models are also available.

Purse Holder | Handbag Holder
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NOTE: Bagnet will NOT damage credit cards to cell phones but it may demagnetize thin/cheap magnetic strip cards (parking lot tickets, hotel keys) so keep those items in a separate place.

3. Episodes

Is it just me or do you find that the more TV stations that become available, the less there is to watch? We’ve been in a bit of a drought lately but one show that has captured our interest is Episodes.

It’s a comedy that features a married screenwriting team that leaves their UK home to film a pilot in LA. The show was a huge success in Britain so what could go wrong when they try to bring it to a US market? The adventure starts there. Matt LeBlanc co-stars and plays a fictionalized version of himself.

Their five seasons are available now on Netflix. Season are short, only 7-9 episodes each. Witty but not goofy writing and decent character development/story line keep us hooked!

4. Dude Perfect Trick Shots

NattyGuy showed this to me last week and, while I’m not normally impressed with his YouTube finds, this one was pretty remarkable. Enjoy and be sure to stay tuned for the practice shots at the end!

TGIF, friends! Thanks for stopping by.

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