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Four Options for Dealing with ALL Problems

Earlier this week I was talking with someone about the duck boat accident in Missouri and the one family that lost nine of it’s members in the blink of an eye.  We started talking about how people adapt to situations like that.  Why do some people, in the face of great tragedy, move towards acceptance while others, even in the midst of minor problems, become mired in a well of anger, sadness or bitterness?

Part of my mission with Natty Gal is to help people live their most satisfying life.  And life can’t be satisfying if you are suffering…with sadness, anger or resentment.  Today’s post talks about dealing with problems so that you STOP suffering and start living your most satisfying life.

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Four Things Friday: One That You Won’t Know How You EVER Lived Without

Happy Fri-YAY friends! I debated writing another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post today but: 1) thought you might be getting burnt out on them and 2) really am covering all of the “best of best” on my Shop #NSale page – there are now over 20 Top 10 Lists on the page by category! Also, I had a few random things that I wanted to talk about and wasn’t sure any of them merited a full blog post. Hence Four Things Friday!

Purse Holder | Handbag Holder

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What to Wear for a SERIOUS Shopping Spree

Do you ever think about what to wear for a SERIOUS shopping spree?  Well, you should.  I’m not talking about a casual stroll through the mall with your friends.  I’m talking about CODE RED shopping events like: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Back to School, Black Friday and post winter holiday sales.

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