Ready to Rent Follow-up: Rent the Runway Unlimited

A while back I posted about the various clothing rental companies on the market and decided to take a couple of them for a test spin.  My first review was of LeTote and recently I tried Rent the Runway Unlimited.

Rent the Runway | Clothing Rental | Clothing Subscriptions

After initially trying to sign up with Rent the Runway this fall I was told there were no spots available due to the busy holiday season.   I put the idea on the back burner but was recently offered the first month of Unlimited for $99.  So, I decided to pull the trigger once again.  As a quick reminder, Rent the Runway provides the following:

  • Unlimited Plan: $159/month – 4 pieces per month, can swap any single piece or all four at any time, larger selection of brands available
  • Update Plan: $89/month – 4 pieces per month, can not exchange until the next month, limited brands available
  • 20% off first month with code FIRSTRTR
  • Free shipping both ways
  • User selects the items in their virtual closet
  • Wide variety of brands including premium labels like Vince, Milly, Joie, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Lily Pulitzer, etc.
  • Individual event-specific rentals also available
  • May cancel by telephone or email
My Rental

Rent the Runway definitely has more unique and high-end pieces that I could get excited about.  Unfortunately, the week of my first rental, my social calendar was a bit light.  Also, it was freezing in Ohio.  Again.  So I mainly looked for sweaters for daily wear.  Below are the pieces I came up with:

Rent the Runway | Clothing Rental | Clothing Subscriptions

Elizabeth & James Green Clayton Sweater – Retail $595

Loved this sweater!  The photo doesn’t do it justice but the variations in the green tones are stunning.  Soft. Warm.  Pilling on this piece was mild-moderate.  Definitely noticeable but not enough that I wouldn’t wear it.

Rent the Runway | Clothing Rental | Clothing SubscriptionsRent the Runway | Clothing Rental | Clothing Subscriptions

Tara Jarmon Aubergine Sweater – Retail $325

The fit on this was a little off for me.  The sleeves seemed much more kimono-style than what is shown in the picture.  The ribbed knit seemed to hold up better to cleanings and showed no signs of pilling when received.

Rent the Runway | Clothing Rental | Clothing Subscriptions

Bobeau Auggie Duster Cardigan – Retail $98

Lowest end of the products I chose and it showed.  Moderately to severely pilled from cleaning and the front placket would no longer hang straight.  Felt I could not wear it in the condition received.

Rent the Runway | Clothing Rental | Clothing Subscriptions

Rent the Runway | Clothing Rental | Clothing Subscriptions Equipment Black Floral Top – Retail $258

Really, really liked this top although the wrist bows kept coming untied!  It was also in great condition.

I dropped my return package at UPS early on a Friday morning and did not receive notification that I could select new items until Tuesday afternoon.  After the speedy experience with LeTote, this slow transit time really surprises me!  For my second shipment I selected the following pieces.  Am a bit nervous to try another sweater but, hey, I’m in Northeast Ohio and it’s still friggin’ cold here!  They are in route as I write this but I’ll likely not receive them prior to my Friday post time.

Rent the Runway | Clothing Rental | Clothing Subscriptions

  • Joie Adrielle Silk Top – Retail $278
  • Joie Florence Dot Top  – Retail $288
  • Vince Fair Isle Sweater – Retail $485
  • Lavand Color Block Coat – Retail $246


Sizing on all pieces seemed correct.  When ordering, be sure to read the user reviews and detailed information carefully.  There can be some great feedback regarding fit.

Merchandise was received in a cloth garment bag, on hangers and covered with dry cleaning bags.

Pros & Cons


  • Overall Selection & Availability.  Mostly high-end labels with a few moderate brands thrown in.  Great jewelry options including a few of my faves: Kendra Scott, Jenny Packham and Alexis Bittar.  Cute seasonal handbags.  Nicer outerwear selection that helps expand options for those of us that live in super-cold climates.  Trend items but also some quality basics.  Some pieces retail for thousands so it’s a great chance to try out something super high-end.
  • Search Function on Website.  Much better than LeTote!  Can hone in on color, weather-appropriateness, designer, body type and more.  Very easy and efficient to use, much like most online retail store websites.  You can also sort your “hearted” items into subcategories which makes for easier ordering.
  • Easy.  Just stick the enclosed return label in the pocket provided on the garment bag and send.
  • Buy at a Discount.  As with LeTote, you have the option to buy something you love at a discount.  The prices offered on my rental pieces ranged from 40-50% off retail but I did not opt to keep any items.
  • The Fun Factor.  As noted before, there is a fun factor.  It would have been even more fun if the knits had been in better condition.  But the assortment of labels and current trend items are great!


  • Turnaround Time.  Compared to LeTote, the turnaround times were amazingly slow.  I placed my initial order on a Thursday evening and did not receive the items until the following Wednesday.  Nearly a full week!  Additionally, you may not select new pieces until your old one have been actually received whereas LeTote allows you to pick new items once your return has been scanned.  On the Unlimited plan, this will severely hamper the number of change-outs you will get in a month.
  • Condition of Clothing.  Perhaps it was because I went heavy on sweaters but there was definitely a noticeable amount of pilling from the repeated cleanings.  The blouse I ordered was in much better condition.
  • App.  For iPhone only so as a Samsung Galaxy user, I couldn’t try.

I wish I could merge the two programs I tested: LeTote and Rent the Runway.  Hands down, RTR has the better product assortment and availability.  But the price point is higher and the turn around times are discouragingly slow, especially for the higher cost Unlimited Plan.   I’m not sure yet if I’ll renew for a second month but if I don’t,  I may give them a second try over the summer.  A busier social calendar and having the flexibility to try more items (due to warmer temps) could make it a better fit for the summer season!

If you’d like to give RTR a try, please use my referral link.  You will receive $30 off your first order and I will receive $30 when it ships!



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Author: Betsy Ramsey

Betsy Ramsey is the author of Natty Gal. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, she now lives there with her husband and Bichon-Frise, Dolce. A mindful fashion & capsule wardrobe enthusiast, she travels extensively, visiting 56 countries to date. Betsy is committed to helping others live their most fulfilling life!

4 thoughts on “Ready to Rent Follow-up: Rent the Runway Unlimited”

  1. Elizabeth do you leave a review for each company? I wonder if they will take your suggestions. The clothes look great but like you said the cost and turnaround time should match what you pay for.

    1. Hi Carrie,

      Each company provides a place for feedback on items rented and with LeTote, I did get a survey after I left the service asking for feedback on what I liked/didn’t like. However, I don’t see how to do that while you are still using the service, other than to just email the company directly. May have to investigate further. It’s a great suggestion on your part and I’d love it if they’d consider making a few tweaks/enhancements.


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