Get Healthy! One Trick to Turn Your Workout into a Mini-Vacay

So, it’s the time of year when historically many of us recommit to our workouts.  But, let’s face it, indoor workouts in the midst of winter can be far from engaging and fun.  What if you could turn that daily slog on the treadmill or stationary bike into a mini-vacay?  Fabulous, right?
Get Healthy | BitGym | Fitness Apps | Virtual Hikes | Virtual Walks

 Bitgym lets you do just that!  This handy app available on iOS and Android uses it’s front facing camera to mimic your speed and take you on virtual sightseeing trip to locations all over the world.   Bitgym currently has over 100 tours available!  Instead of streaming the same old tunes or watching mindless TV, you can be hiking our national parks, strolling the streets of Paris or adventuring in the jungles of Costa Rica.

It’s super easy to use.  Just download the app, select your workout equipment (treadmill, bike, etc.), pick a hike/destination and set your phone or tablet on the magazine tray on your equipment and get exercising.  If you prefer a more immersive experience, you can cast the app to a TV via a casting service (Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.) or an HDMI cable.

Get Healthy | BitGym | Fitness Apps | Virtual Hikes | Virtual Walks

Two features that really set BitGym apart from competitors are:
  • The amazing graphics!  Much more realistic than other formats researched.
  • The pacing done by the front facing camera.  It is remarkably in sync with minor changes, adjusting your walk, run or bike through the scenery seamlessly.  In other formats there can be a tendency for the filmmaker to stop and circulate around a monument or point of interest.  Sometimes for quite a while.  With BitGym, as long as you keep moving the scenery keeps moving!
 The Details:
  • Works with treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, rowing machines
  • Over 100 tours with options for North America, Europe, South America and the Pacific Rim
  • Three types of tours are available: Hikes (nature), Adventure (mix of nature and urban landscapes) and Road Tours (roads, primarily for biking)

Get Healthy | BitGym | Fitness Apps | Virtual Hikes | Virtual Walks

  • Can option to hear nature sounds specific to the area or to learn trail facts
  • Can use by streaming or download (download works when no WiFi is available)
  • An initial free trial is available, after that and to receive full functionality, the fee is $7.99/month

Love the idea but balk at signing up for another subscription service?  Search YouTube for “Virtual Treadmill Walk” to see free videos!

Stay healthy, friends and enjoy a mini-vacay virtually exploring the coast of Kauai or an Italian village during your next workout in 2018!



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Author: Betsy Ramsey

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