Father's Day is Sunday, June 16. Give Dad a little wow with a gift from NORDSTROM.

Unique Valentine Gifts for All Your Loves

Are you a sucker for Valentine’s Day?  I sure am!  It’s a holiday I’ve always loved.  From the early days of Valentine multi-packs and decorated cardboard mailboxes on each desk at school to nights at home with the fireplace roaring and a glass a champs, count me in!

This week I’ve rounded up a bunch of fun Valentine themed items that you may want to gift to friend, daughter, sibling or gift to yourself.  Oh yeah, I found a couple of things for your guy as well!

NOTE: All photos are linked to product pages.

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Labels to Love: Grana

Earlier in January I stumbled across the brand Grana while searching for a simple sleeveless midi dress.  Their streamlined looks really mesh with my aesthetic and after doing a bit of research I decided to include them in my Labels to Love series.  Find out why I think they’re great in today’s post and get a 10% discount link to boot!

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Get Healthy! One Trick to Turn Your Workout into a Mini-Vacay

So, it’s the time of year when historically many of us recommit to our workouts.  But, let’s face it, indoor workouts in the midst of winter can be far from engaging and fun.  What if you could turn that daily slog on the treadmill or stationary bike into a mini-vacay?  Fabulous, right?
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