Trick or Treat Yourself

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Happy Halloween my friends!  Just a short post today with a few ideas to treat yourself this Halloween.  Have fun and stay safe tonight. Continue reading “Trick or Treat Yourself”

Trip Tales: Portugal

This past September Natty Guy and I traveled to Portugal.  It’s an on-trend destination for travelers right now and we personally decided to visit after two young relatives each spent a semester abroad in Europe and both proclaimed it their favorite place in Europe.

Portugal Continue reading “Trip Tales: Portugal”

Shop Until you Drop or Ready to Rent?

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In recent years we’ve seen the Millennial Generation give rise to the sharing economy.  No longer is ownership a hallmark of success.  From ride-sharing services like Uber to streaming of music and entertainment, this group is forcing retailers to reevaluate the way they do business.  Even automaker Porsche is piloting a $2000/month subscription service giving users access to a fleet of cars and SUVs that can be switched out on demand!


On the fashion front, Rent the Runway kicked things off with a model that encouraged renting special occasion outfits for one time wear.  They’ve since expanded to subscription services which encompass everything from formal wear to lounge wear and accessories.  It wasn’t long before others decided to hop on board.  Most recently the mall retailer Ann Taylor announced a new subscription based plan.  Below is a summary of the most popular of these services and I’m hoping after reading that you’ll take the poll and help me decide which company I should try out!

All of the services listed include an option to buy an item you love at a discounted price.  Typically these purchases are final sale only.  Rentals include cleaning of all clothes and accessories rented.  If you need to launder something yourself between wearings, most companies stipulate that it must be dry cleaned or hand washed. Continue reading “Shop Until you Drop or Ready to Rent?”

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