Stylist Secret: Taming the Tatas & Friendship Friday #7

Summer is a time when tank tops, camis and sundresses are in heavy rotation.  They’re SO nice and cool to wear but can result in some pesky bra problems.  This post will address a few “tata management” methods that I’ve come across.

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At the most recent wedding we attended I wore a dress with a pretty low v-neck in front.  I’d considered one of those McGyver-esque convertible plunge bra contraptions but boy, do they look uncomfortable.  Instead I came across these Hollywood silicone bra petals and, boy, did I fall in love with them!  They suction on to your body and, voila, no more worries about sporting “party hats”!  I danced, mingled and never once did they budge or fall off.  Rinse them after wearing and they can be used multiple times.  They’ve become a summertime and cocktail dress favorite companion!  Now keep in mind, I am an A-cup.  If you are a C-cup/plus or did a lot of breast feeding, you’ll likely need more support than these will offer.  If you are on the cusp, you may wish to try them in tandem with Hollywood breast lift tape.

Most recently I’ve been using these Hollywood bra converter clips.  I have several tanks/camis for summer that cut far up on the shoulder, halter-style.  These nifty little clips pull my bra straps together in the back preventing visible bra straps at the shoulder.  How high you place it along your back dictates how high up on your shoulder the straps will be pulled.

Hollywood fashion tape strips or the Hollywood fashion tape gun is another useful trick for dealing with low v-neck lines.  Attach a little of the tape along the v-edge of the t-shirt to keep it from dropping away from your body and exposing the girls.  It can also be used between buttons on blouses if you have trouble with gaping in this area.  Or as a quick repair for a slightly dropped hem.  Use them to keep the lapels of your jacket in place or to create a stylish drape for your cardigan.  How about using them to secure the end of your belt?  Or to prevent a large statement necklace from continually knocking into your chest?  Finally, use a small piece on the sole of new heels to prevent them from sliding on slippery floors.

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Finally, it’s been an exciting week because Leanne Blackmon’s new Fall 2017 Essential Capsule Wardrobe e-book came out.  The French Minimalist book is sure to be just a short time away. And don’t forget, that this year she also expanded into children’s wear with both a girls and boys back-to-school capsule wardrobe e-book.  If you haven’t tried one of her e-books, they focus on a small wardrobe of 20-35 pieces that result in over 100+ outfits.  Multiple shopping options are given (for varying budgets) and each outfit look is detailed, complete with accessories and are $19.99.

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6 thoughts on “Stylist Secret: Taming the Tatas & Friendship Friday #7”

  1. Elizabeth, thanks for sharing these little tata tips! However, such things would never tame these H cups of mine! HAHAAHA! I have resorted to wearing lacy bralettes over my bra to create the appearance of a layered cami/tank and cover my bra straps without the extra heat of a full coverage tank or cami. The bralette has definitely made my summer wardrobe cooler and maybe even a little sexier with the lacy peekaboo! Thanks for the link up and have a fabulous weekend.


  2. What a great article. I learned so many good ideas to use the tape strips. I never would have thought to use them to hold a necklace in place, but that is pure genius.

  3. Good ideas to use. I like the converter clips for the bra. I’m never comfortable showing my bra underneath my cami tshirts and end up wearing something over or double up on them.

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