The Ultimate Summertime Bucket List

Woo-hoo!  Summer is officially under way!  Now, how are you going to make the most of it?  Below are the best summer bucket list ideas to ensure that you squeeze every ounce of fun out of the season.  Feel free to add your own summer bucket list favorites in the comment section below!

The Ultimate Summertime Bucket List

Ultimate Summertime Bucket List
  1. Dine al fresco.
  2. Watch a sunset.
  3. Catch the Perseid meteor showers.
  4. Go to a drive-in or outdoor movie event.
  5. Enjoy a fluffy summer novel without guilt – required office reading and great literature can wait!
  6. Attend an outdoor festival or event. Whether a concert, Shakespeare in the Park, farmer’s market, an upscale flea or a food/wine event, there is sure to be something local that will suit your tastes.
  7. Devote a day to the pool or the beach – no phones invited!
  8. Have night-time fun with a glow in the dark hoola hoop contest, frisbee  or lawn dart game
  9. Get out on the water: on a boat, canoe, kayak, paddleboard or tubing.  If you’ve got absolutely NO water anywhere near you, make a home made slip’n slide with some plastic tarp and a hose or sprinkler.
  10. Take a road trip – near or far.
  11. Grow a salsa garden or cutting garden of wildflowers.
  12. Make homemade ice cream, either with a fancy-schmancy ice cream maker or using this old-timey method
  13. Go on a hike or bike ride, packing a picnic along to enjoy at one of the scenic stops.
  14. Rent a convertible for the day and enjoy the wind in your hair.
  15. Indulge in favorite summertime treats (cherries, peaches, sangria, rosé, champagne pops, iced coffee, s’mores)
Fortnum & Mason champagne pops
Some of the Items on my Personal List (#CLEstyle)
  • Go to an Edgewater Live
  • Go to a Wade Oval Wednesday
  • Go to Blossom Music Center for a pop show
  • Go to Blossom Music Center for the orchestra
  • Take Pucci to a dog-friendly bar or restaurant once/month
  • Eat outside whenever possible!
  • Check out e55 at the East 55th Street Marina
  • Attend one of the many outdoor food/wine festivals
  • Go to a Paddles and Pints outing
  • Visit the Lake Erie Islands
  • Test out the obstacle course gym at Euphoria Fitness

We’re only a week in to summer but I’m happy to report that I’m making great progress on my list!  Hope you are too.  Make your own summer bucket list with the cute planner below:

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Author: Betsy Ramsey

Betsy Ramsey is the author of Natty Gal. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, she now lives there with her husband and Bichon-Frise, Dolce. A mindful fashion & capsule wardrobe enthusiast, she travels extensively, visiting 56 countries to date. Betsy is committed to helping others live their most fulfilling life!

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Summertime Bucket List”

  1. I plan on creating my Summer Bucket list this week. My family tends to get really busy and we don’t make time to do the fun things. I will have it on the fridge where we all can see it.

  2. Wow! those are great list. I never been to a movie drive in, but always wanted to go. I know recently here in my town this apartment complex was having a pool party movie night. It looked so luxurious and fun from the events page. Also i love watching the night sky and wished of could have seen the meteor shower. There are many things I wish to do when I’m able to. Thanks for sharing and joining the linkup. 🙂

    1. August is a great meteor shower month, I think usually around the 11-14th. Hope you will see them and can wish on a shooting star! Thanks for hosting the link- up!

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