Easy-to-Make Appetizers: Sensational Skewers

One of my favorite easy-to-make appetizers are skewers!  They’re visually appealing, are super quick and easy to make and the variations on flavors are never-ending.

easy-to-make appetizers, easy appetizers, appetizers, skewers

easy-to-make appetizers, easy appetizers, appetizers, skewers

This weekend my neighborhood wine group had a small summer kick-off cookout on Saturday. It had been a busy week so I was looking for something quick and easy to take.  I came up with these Greek inspired feta, cucumber and Kalamata olive skewers with Greek dressing for dipping on the side. Assembly for a couple dozen pieces took 5 minutes or less.  People commented that they looked fancy/festive yet they were so easy!

To Make:
  1. Cut a brick of feta in half so that each bite will be about 1/4 inch thick (I used Mt. Vikos, 7 ounce size), then cut the two rectangles in to thirds by length and quarters by width (resulting in 24 small squares).
  2. Cut 6 cucumber slices again, each about 1/4 inch thickness and the quarter each round.
  3. Buy 24 pre-pitted Kalamata olives and stack away!

I used Stonewall Farms Greek dressing for the dip.

Other Great Combinations:
    • cherry tomato, mozzarella, basil
    • cooked cheese tortellini, salami, sun-dried tomato
    • artichoke quarter, Parmesan cheese slice, roasted red pepper
    • cooked sausage or kielbasa, cooked sweet potato cubes
    • cantaloupe, prosciutto, shrimp
    • watermelon, mint, feta, blackberry
    • grape, banana, kiwi (great as a dessert, drizzled with chocolate)
    • cubes of pound cake, strawberries

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Author: Betsy Ramsey

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