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25 Gift Ideas for Mom

Mother Quote, Mom Quote

With Mother’s Day still a week away it’s not too late to choose the perfect gift for mom. Whether yours is a girly-girl, a fitness freak, a bookworm, a gourmet, an artist¬†or a gardener, Natty Gal has some ideas for you!

The Dyson hairdryer is a bit over the top but, come on, who wouldn’t want to get ready holding that fantastic piece of machinery? ¬†How about the Eccentrics for that one-of-a-kind mom? ¬†A great way to show appreciation for¬†the quirks and idiosynchrysies we all posess. ¬†Or the succulent garden! ¬†So simple, stylish and easy to take care of. ¬†Lots more ideas to choose from – check them out on the slider below!

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