Funtastic Friday with My Latest App Obsession: YouCam Makeup!

Spur of the moment post today!  Earlier this week one of my Facebook friends starting posting before/after selfies using the YouCam Makeup: Selfie Makeover app.  They looked amazing!!  She’s stunning to begin with, which I’m sure doesn’t hurt.  I was amazed at how precisely the software found her facial features and applied the makeup.

YouCam Makeup: Selfie Makeover Logo

Couldn’t wait to try it.  So yesterday, while waiting at Conrad’s for a wheel change out I downloaded the app and began to play.  Continued into the night until my phone finally died!  SO. MUCH. FUN.

While I’m normally loathe to post selfies, it’s the only way to demo the effects of the app.  I started out testing the Photo Makeup option by working with a picture already on my cell phone.  The first look is the original photo.  The second frame was my favorite – a little more “there” than my normal look but not too much and fairly natural colors.  I wanted to like frame three but the pink on my lips is just too pink.  And the last frame is the “ravishing look although on me it reads more like Bangkok hooker!

There are many other pre-planned looks to choose from, or you can choose you own colors via an extensive menu.  Options include eyeliner, shadow, lip color, blush, etc.  You can also apply face paint, add jewelry or accessories and, of course, perfect blemishes and re-shape your face.

YouCam Makeup Side by Sides

Next I tried the Makeup Cam which allows you to apply either the pre-programmed looks or your own makeup choices (per above) LIVE as you are taking a selfie!  Genius!!  Whether you like the various eye looks below or not, you have to admit it’s incredible how precisely the software aligns with my actual features.  No way could I apply liner this well on my own! The last frame (in pre-progammed Petal Pink option) even changed the color of my eye.

YouCam Makeup Eye Series

Hair style and color choices are available as well but I haven’t really played with those much yet.  This weekend for sure.  Well, TGIF, friends!  And if you haven’t already heard of this app, you’re welcome!  You’re in for a fun weekend!

Download it on:

Author: Betsy Ramsey

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