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This concept worked pretty well for Oprah so thought I’d give it whirl.  Besides, what better way to talk about a bunch of otherwise unrelated products than to label them all favorites?  Whether gifting to others or things that have been gifted to me, all the items below in some way represent something that I’ve deemed a favorite.  Hope you enjoy!

Nora Fleming

Love buying Nora Fleming for my hard to shop for friends.  The classic white pieces coordinate with most decor and are customized through a series of “minis” that can be inserted into a slot in each of the base pieces. Imagine one hors d’oeuvre tray that you can adapt to every holiday or special occasion!  And, as I mentioned last week, great for repeat-ability, as you can build the collection of minis over time.

First, shop your base piece.  A rectangular serving platter is shown below but beyond serving pieces, options range from vases to soap dispensers and votive holders.fleming-1Next, choose your mini (or minis).  Minis are available for most major holidays and some hobbies and sports teams.  A sample is shown below.a143-elf-feet-300x300



MacKenzie Childs

Most years when gift hunting at MacKenzie Childs I feel lucky to find much in the $100 or under range but this year I was pleasantly surprised with the selection.  Tried to choose a few things that would make nice hostess gifts. Miracle of miracles, the items below all came in at under $50!

untitled4 untitled3 untitled2

untitledWilliams-Sonoma Chocolate Croissants

Forget those sugar-lacquered pain au chocolat concoctions at your local bakery or coffee shop; these puppies are the real deal!  Flaky and crispy with just a sliver of bittersweet chocolate inside, just like the Paris originals.  Trader Joe’s makes a less expensive version that is *almost* as good.


Jo Malone Fragrances

Last year I received a bottle of Jo Malone’s Mimosa Cardamom and quickly became obsessed with this company’s simple, clean, yet distinctive scents. Whether you enjoy citrus, floral or woody fragrance, Jo will have something for you.  For even more fun, try layering products- a helpful guide is on their website.


Hunter Wellingtons

As much as I love fashion boots (and shoes), I live in Northeast Ohio and we get a lot of wet weather.  My Hunter Wellies keep me dry and stylish! Whether you are into basic black or prefer brights or prints, Hunter has an attractive assortment of both tall and short boots.  Their boot socks allow you to further personalize your look.

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So, what are some of your favorite things?  I’m always on the lookout for great new ideas and would love to hear about products you enjoy!

Author: Betsy Ramsey

Betsy Ramsey is the author of Natty Gal. Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, she now lives there with her husband and Bichon-Frise, Dolce. A mindful fashion & capsule wardrobe enthusiast, she travels extensively, visiting 56 countries to date. Betsy is committed to helping others live their most fulfilling life!

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