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Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  Catch any great black Friday deals?

Things went well here.  Turkey was juicy and the sides turned out. Halls are about 80% decked.  Shopping moderately underway.  Fun visits with both family and friends. First holiday outing and first Christmas party of the season now in the books.  Honestly, am feeling a bit knackered this week from all the activity!

The first party this year featured a gift exchange where everyone was to bring a generic gift for their gender and an exchange game is held. The females at the party ranged from early-20s to mid-70s and I brought an Alex & Ani bracelet as a gift that would hopefully encompass this range.
Snowflake Charm Bangle | Black Friday Exclusive

Like it’s popular predecessor, the Pandora bracelet, it’s nice that these gifts can be built upon.  Several friends/family members received Pandora’s when they first came out and it was fun to be able to add beads on various gift-giving occasions for a couple of years.  The Alex & Ani’s are meant to be layered so, again, you can add ones that are occasion specific and build your friend a nice collection.

Another popular category at this exchange is consumables.  Wine, craft beers, a special bottle of hard liquor, quality olive oil or vinegar, salsas, jams, honey, candles, note cards, cigars are all great because they don’t require much commitment or house space by the recipient.  These gifts can be kept fairly generic or made quite personalized depending on how much you know of the recipient’s interest. A big hit one year was a Moscow Mule kit with copper mugs, vodka and a six-pack of locally produced ginger beer.

In Caddy

Tickets are another great consumable gift to give – whether to an event that particularly interests your pick or just to a local cinema.  Our nearest Cinemark recently renovated and now offers reserved spots, wider aisles and fully reclining seats with raised foot rests.  It makes going to the movies pretty special again!

Lastly, nearly every year someone brings a throw blanket as their gift and it’s a universally popular item.  I received a Vera Bradley one a few years back and carry it around the house with me so much that it’s pretty well taken on its’ own identity.  Great size, great weight, washes well, many patterns to choose from.blanket

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