Hot Trend Sweeping the Baltics! (cough, cough, ahem)

Wow, it’s August!  How did that happen?  Hope my readers are enjoying a great summer!

My July was spent tooling around the Baltic region of Europe.  Highlights included:

  • The Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden – a fascinating salvaged 17th century warship that sunk on it’s maiden voyage
  • Standing in Red Square in front of St. Basil’s cathedral in Moscow, Russia
  • The architecturally stunning, livable, yet rarely talked about city of Riga, Latvia
  • Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark – singularly the most innocent and idyllic amusement park ever and a return to simpler times.  For instance, the daily activity sheet listed “Peek-a-Boo” as a featured event. Totes ‘dorbs!

But more on those in a future post. 

While on this adventure I’d hoped to identify some great new European fashion trends to bring back to the blog.  This, however, proved to be a bit unfruitful.  Don’t get me wrong…I did identify one clear trend that seemed to be adopted by women both young and old and was seen consistently throughout the region (aside from Russia).  So, what is this hot look that is taking the Baltics by storm?  Wait for it….


Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

Yeah, for real.  That’s the trend I identified.  I know!  The look that’s been seen throughout the US for the past half-decade was my main fashion take-away from Baltics.  In classic green, red, black and even bling-y gold; Swedish, Finnish and Danish women rocked these kicks.

Even more disturbing is that after bypassing them for years, I now want to hop right on the train!  Maybe the gold pair?  Clean, simple, sporty.  Ugh!  Curse those European women and their influence over me.


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